Doodle God Planet Blitz

Doodle God Planet Blitz

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  • Take a step into the realm of creation where you get to play God, with over 190 million players worldwide, the game Doodle God Planet Blitz lets you unleash your creative power and craft an entire universe. Utilize different elements, animate your planet, and watch your world come alive with Doodle God Planet Blitz! You are not just simply putting together elements, you're embarking on a journey to build everything from microorganisms to complex tools, storms, and even armies. But be wary, the power of creation can come with unintended consequences. Every creation, however, rewards you with wisdom and wit, giving you not just a game exploration, but a cosmic journey.
  • Game play

    • Start out as a simple microorganism and work your way up to create animals, tools, storms, and armies.
    • Mix and match different combinations of fire, earth, wind, and air to create an entire universe.
    • Create advanced items and concepts while transforming your planet as you apply new reactions.
    • Uncover new challenging puzzles in the Mission mode.
    • Collect ancient artifacts with amazing triple reactions in the Artifacts mode.


    • Features the unique Planet & Mission modes, offering different ways of utilizing the elements and creating the universe.
    • Supports 13 languages, allowing players from different regions to enjoy the game.
    • Offers a Free-to-Play mode for casual gamers.
    • Elements encyclopedia provides links to Wikipedia for players to learn more about their creations.


    Related Comments

    • I've never been more hooked to a game than with Doodle God Planet Blitz. The creation of the universe has never been more fun.
    • There's something truly satisfying about creating my universe. Doodle God Planet Blitz keeps me coming back for more.
    • The game's wit and wisdom give me laughter and knowledge with every element I create.


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