Alien: Blackout

Alien: Blackout

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The terror of Alien is brought to life on your mobile device in Alien: Blackout


  • Prepare yourself for a riveting and terrifying mobile gaming experience in Alien: Blackout that brings the horror of Alien to the palm of your hand. Expand on the story between the original Alien and Aliens film with Amanda Ripley, trapped on a dilapidated space station with a relentless Xenomorph. Your decisions and strategies will determine the fate of Amanda and her crew in this thrilling, fear-inducing game.
  • Game play

    • Guide Amanda Ripley's crew through seven levels of increasing difficulty using the limited emergency systems.
    • Make strategic choices and sacrifices to steer clear from the Xenomorph.
    • Use the station's holographic map, surveillance cameras, and motion tracker, judiciously as the power supply is limited.
    • Unravel the narrative, shedding light on the events between the iconic Alien and Aliens films.


    • Unique, fear-inducing horror survival game experience on your mobile device.
    • Engaging narrative that fits perfectly into the Alien Franchise.
    • Replay value with multiple endings based on the decisions you make during the game.
    • Specially designed for mobile gaming, delivering a first-class Alien experience.


    Related Comments

    • 'Alien: Blackout successfully recreates the terror of being hunted by a Xenomorph.'
    • 'The suspense is real, and the fear is palpable in every decision.'
    • 'The choice-based mechanics make for a high-stakes game of cat and mouse.'
    • 'A brilliant extension to the Alien story that fans will love.'


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