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SP Bondweaver Enmusubi (VA: Sora Amamiya) arrives!


  • Onmyoji is an extraordinary game of strategy and battles set in a period where demons and humans coexisted. Plunge yourself into the rich folklore of the Heian period and join the Onmyoji in preserving the balance between the two worlds. The game offers unique characters with colorful personalities and designs meticulous enough to appear realistic. As you delve into the world of Onmyoji, you will be engrossed by the quirky and touching stories of spirits, each character’s introduction unlocking a new gameplay.
  • Game play

    • In the game, you can unlock new characters to experience new gameplay upgrades.
    • Try out diverse troops tactics by bringing on different Shikigami to create a unique battle experience.
    • Customize the soul configuration for each of your Shikigami to boost attributes like Crit, ATK, DEF, immunity, SPD, controlling, HP.
    • Experience the immersion of a world with top-of-the-line exquisite graphics.


    • Onmyoji has an all-star voice cast and soundtrack to accompany your gameplay, masterfully composed by Shigeru Umebayashi.
    • The game offers an aesthetic treat with graphics pulled straight out of the Japanese Ukiyo-e art genre.
    • Players can engage in challenging quests in new big zones for rich rewards.
    • The game offers a unique customization system, allowing players to apply various tactics in battles.


    Related Comments

    • Many players are captivated by Onmyoji's unique world and detailed art style.
    • Onmyoji has a fantastic story driven gameplay, complete with engaging quests and a brilliantly crafted environment.
    • Fans have expressed that the level of character customization available makes every battle feel different, showcasing the game’s depth.
    • Others have noted the game's immersive undisrupted experience and the successful efforts to recreate the classic Japanese ambiance.


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