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Monster Legends

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Breed, collect and feed monsters... Then fight in PvP battles! All in one game


  • Dive into the remarkable universe of Monster Legends where you breed and train mythical creatures of all elements and rarities! From building a city for your monsters to strategizing in action-packed battle games, Monster Legends introduces a whole new level of fast-paced, monster-mashing fun, offering a unique challenge to other players and aspiring Monster Masters around the world.
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    • In Monster Legends, you can collect over 900 monsters and breed monsters with different elements to invent exotic new species. The fun doesn't just stop here, a vast variety of limited-time events and breeding games await where you can capture even more incredible monsters.
    • Develop your army of monsters by levelling them up and banking them in the Monster Lab.
    • Test your skills in RPG progression with strategies involving attackers, tanks, and control monsters for battles.
    • Unlock special buildings like the Library and Monster lab. The strategy gets real when you challenge other Monster Masters in real-time Live Duels and fight for trophies, rewards and a place in the top leagues.
    • You can unveil hidden tales in monster history as you battle your way through the Era Saga Dungeons.


    • Monster Legends shines with its unique collection of over 900 monsters of various elements and rarities.
    • Offers an unparalleled RPG progression & strategy system that thrones the game in a league of its own.
    • Unlocks real-time multiplayer battles with competitive Leagues rewarding trophies and other perks.
    • It fosters teamwork via exclusive team events like Wars and Marathons and building strategies on Team Chat.
    • The thrill of unveiling the tantalizing storyline hidden in the Era Saga Dungeons is unmatched by other monster games!


    Related Comments

    • I love collecting unique monsters in this game, and there's always new ones every week! Highly recommended it to my friends.
    • The multiplayer feature is incredible, battling other monsters in real-time brings another level of excitement.
    • The RPG strategy in this game has left me hooked, it's one of the best games I've played in a while!
    • The building strategy of Monster Legends is so unique, I get to unlock and build loads of stuff like libraries and labs, it's unbelievable!


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