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The Old West theme SLG game.


  • Embark on a thrilling journey to the Wild West in the West Game! This unique SLG (Simulation Game) will take you back in time to America in 1865, the beginning of the Wild West era. You will have the opportunity to build your own town, recruit your own gangs, and fight against players from all over the world. The authenticity and excitement of the Wild West are brought to life in this one-of-a-kind game.
  • Game play

    • Build, customize, and manage your own Wild West town.
    • Recruit a formidable gang and prepare them for battle with strategically planned training.
    • Command your Sheriff as the leader of your troop to take on enemies.
    • Communicate and discuss strategies with friends through in-game realtime chat channels.
    • Play against millions of users worldwide and show off your skills.
    • Participate in exciting events to win rewards every day.


    • Authentic Wild West experience with accurately designed theme and historical setting.
    • Real-time battle gameplay with exciting combat strategy essentials.
    • Innovative communication platform with in-game realtime chat channels.
    • Unique character system with the most famous Cowboys or Outlaws to fight for your glory.
    • Free rare resources and materials by defeating wandering bandits.


    Related Comments

    • 'West Game takes me on an exciting journey back in time. It's incredibly engaging and thrilling.'
    • 'The level of detail in this game is amazing. Really feels like I'm in the Wild West.'
    • 'It's a perfect blend of strategy and role play with a historical twist.'
    • 'I have never played a game like this before. The real-time battle system keeps me on the edge of my seat.'


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