Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire

Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire

Strategy Games
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It's the age of war. Build your own empire with strategy and conquer the world!


  • In a fantasy universe where power, dragons, and war reign supreme, Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire emerges as an enthralling real-time, nation-versus-nation strategy war game. As a player, you step into the shoes of a leader salvaging a small town from the ruins after the Eastern Dynasty's invasion and the mysterious advent of legendary Death Harbingers. With your town grappled under the ancient powers of dragons, your objective is to resurrect your empire, train your troops, tame dragons, employ legendary heroes, and align with your allies to engage in an unending war.
  • Game play

    • Rise of Empires enables real-time worldwide combat against players, bolstering your country's stature.
    • Cultivate your strategic gameplay with a gamut of units - Footmen, Cavalries, and Archers to thrive on the battlefield.
    • Unleash the power of dragons each with unique shouts to vanquish your enemies.
    • With a diverse Hero System in tow, you can engage your foes at a distance, close quarters or even develop your base at home.
    • The game's Alliance Warfare mode lets your allies back you up in your battles against different servers, or for the title of the president.
    • Research and upgrade your empire's technologies, facilities, trainings and heroes for a well-rounded empire building experience.


    • The game sports a comprehensive World Wide War feature for real-time combat.
    • The Strategic Gameplay gives a perfectly balanced atmosphere for strategizing your battles.
    • With Powerful Dragons and Hero system, it provides fabulous game dynamics.
    • Realistic Graphics render a highly immersive visual gaming experience.
    • The Build Your Empire feature gives an absolute freedom in city building, taking the fun up a notch.


    Related Comments

    • The game is quite balanced and characters are well-built, which keeps you entertained throughout
    • The graphics are strikingly great, and the gameplay is tactically thrown which makes it a delight to play!
    • The broad ensemble of heroes and units offers a great deal of strategy to be implemented and endless fun.
    • The engaging storyline, backed by seamless graphics, rewards and heroes, makes it one of the best out there in the segment.


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