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    Android Ios

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Swap and match to create lovely homes for adorable fish!


  • Welcome to the Fishdom, the immersive underwater match-3 game that will tickle your adventurous spirit. Take a deep breath and dive into a tranquil universe teeming with loveable talking fish and intricate puzzles. Decorate aquariums to your liking, care for your fishy friends and enjoy uninterrupted joy in a world of aquatic splendor. Absolutely free to play, Fishdom is your escape ticket from the humdrum into the glistening blue.
  • Game play

    • Dive into match-3 gameplay with tons of unique and challenging puzzles.
    • Decorate and maintain your own aquariums to create a comfortable home enviroment for your sweet aquatic fellows.
    • Feed your fish, play with them, and watch their delightful interactions.
    • Participate in competitions, fighting your way for the throne of the fastest aquarium developer.


    • Impressive match-3 gameplay merged with aquarium simulation, offering a unique gaming experience.
    • Countless match-3 levels ready to test your skills.
    • Wide range of stunning, upgradable decoration items for your aquarium.
    • Opportunity to share your Fishdom craze with Facebook friends to keep the fun going.


    Related Comments

    • I am fascinated with the depth of this game. The match-3 puzzles are super challenging!
    • My kids can't help feeding and playing with the talking fish. They absolutely adore their aquarium.
    • Absolutely hooked! Completely therapeutic and a fun way to unwind.
    • Love the competitive edge. Racing to build my aquarium has got me excited.


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