Extreme Car Driving Simulator

Extreme Car Driving Simulator

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The open world car driving simulator with the ultimate graphic updates


  • Get ready for the ultimate open world car simulator experience with Extreme Car Driving Simulator!
  • This app has been wowing gamers since its launch in 2014, all thanks to its cutting-edge physics engine that creates an incredibly realistic driving experience.
  • Game play

    • Drive, drift, and race like you're in a high-end sports car.
    • No need to worry about traffic or the police - this app lets you perform illegal stunts and hit top speeds without any consequences.
    • Experience the thrill of burning the asphalt in an incredibly detailed open world environment.
    • Choose to drive with traffic and obey the rules of the road, or turn off ABS, TC, and ESP simulations to truly push your driving skills to the limit.
    • Experiment with different camera angles and control methods, including steering wheel, accelerometer, and arrows.


    • Incredibly realistic physics create a truly immersive driving experience.
    • Detailed open world environment provides endless opportunities for exploration and discovery.
    • Gamepad support lets you use your favorite controller for an even more immersive experience.
    • Damage modeling and realistic car behavior make collisions and crashes feel all-too-real.
    • Checkpoint mode provides a fun and challenging way to keep improving your skills.


    Related Comments

    • The graphics are awesome!
    • This app has become my go-to driving game on my phone!
    • I love the different control options!
    • Definitely recommend this app for anyone who loves racing games!


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