Stick Hero: Tower Defense

Stick Hero: Tower Defense

Strategy Games
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    Android Ios

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Gather legendary stickman warriors, expand your inventory, road to victory


  • Embark on an exhilarating journey with Stick Hero: Tower Defense, the finest action stickman game and fighting arcade experience on Google Play. Immerse yourself in the thrill of strategic battles, where the goal is not only to survive but also to prove yourself as the ultimate stick-hero against well-armed, fearsome enemies. With a compelling combination of action, strategy, and battle puzzle elements, Stick Hero: Tower Defense pushes you to strategize every move and overcome countless obstacles, providing endless hours of unforgettable gameplay.
  • Game play

    • In this strategic role-playing game, you're required to move wisely to power-up, gather loot, and annihilate the colossal boss.
    • Develop powerful heroes through a combination of leveling up, skill-upgrading, and merging them with others to turn them into legends.
    • The game also challenges you to become a legend and build your own land.


    • Stick Hero: Tower Defense offers infinite levels to challenge yourself.
    • The game boasts an attractive, classic stickman theme, keeping audiences entertained and engaged.
    • A bounty of unlockable weapons is available to enhance your gameplay.
    • Experience a fast-paced, innovative battle system that demands real strategy and tactics.


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    • ‘This game keeps me on my toes! The strategy required makes it a truly exhilarating experience.'
    • 'Stick Hero: Tower Defense offers an unparalleled strategic challenge. It encourages me to think with every move.'
    • 'I adore the classic stickman theme and the innovative battle system makes it even more engaging.'


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