Volcano Island: Tropic Paradis

Volcano Island: Tropic Paradis

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Uncover volcanic farms in ourworld & setup bustling garden city.Build and Farm!


  • Embark on a breathtaking adventure with the Volcano Island: Tropic Paradis game. In this adventurous endeavor, you are marooned on a strange, uncharted island with an active volcano. Yet, with courage and steadfastness, you and your fellow adventurers attempt to create a flourishing civilization from scratch. Delve into this exhilarating world where fiery challenges and exciting quests await your arrival.
  • Game play

    • Explore the intimidating jungle and chart unknown regions.
    • Keep a watchful eye to evade the lava.
    • Unravel the mysteries of the lost cargo on the beach to uncover hidden treasures.
    • Transform your hushed sanctuary into a bustling colony, safe from the volcano’s wrath.
    • Progress from a castaway to a valiant leader, steering your companions and colony to unparalleled heights.
    • Participate in Team Challenge Seasons, work in camaraderie, compete and earn thrilling rewards.
    • Take part in new challenges each weekend and strive to top the ranks.


    • Immerse yourself in a thrilling and interactive adventure.
    • Delight in the unique exploration of an uncharted and unique island.
    • Unravel secrets and discover hidden treasures to enrich your colony.
    • Lead and prosper your colony in an untamed and challenging landscape.
    • The unique and diverse team challenges that further enhance the gaming experience.


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    • 'Volcano Island: Tropic Paradis has quickly become my ultimate choice for relaxation. The gameplay is thrilling and the adventure is endless.'
    • 'This game is a splendid mix of thrill, exploration, and strategy. Highly recommended.'
    • 'Volcano Island: Tropic Paradis is an incredibly immersive game. Each play feels like a brand new adventure.'
    • 'I love the challenging team events, the competition is fierce and the rewards are amazing.'


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