The Grand Mafia

The Grand Mafia

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Take over the Underworld!


  • The Grand Mafia, a hardcore mafia-themed strategy game, offers an immersive adventure into the perilous mafia world. As a mafia boss, you have to rule your turf, recruit loyalties, avenge your past, and reclaim what once was yours. This game takes you on a journey, filled with a thrilling plot that unfolds your journey towards becoming the city's overlord. If mafia movies or games intrigue you, then you must play The Grand Mafia!
  • Game play

    • Strategy-based game involving building crews, reclaiming turfs and becoming the city overlord.
    • Enthralling story with tangible characters and 500,000 words of game story.
    • Exciting Faction Events that allow players to connect globally, join factions, and participate in team events.
    • Enforcer system with unique backstories, skills, and attributes allowing for strategic gameplay.
    • Attractive Babe system interact with beautiful characters with their unique backgrounds.
    • Variety of combat methods testing player's strategic decisions and alliances.


    • Engaging storyline with exciting plot twists for a comprehensive gaming experience.
    • Faction events creating a strong sense of community and global interaction.
    • Innovative Enforcer system that elevates the strategic depth of the game.
    • Imaginative Babe system which encourages interaction and increases combat strength.


    Related Comments

    • The Grand Mafia delivers an unparalleled mafia experience, with strategic combat and an immersive storyline.
    • The faction events are a great spin on social interaction in gaming, connecting players globally.
    • The Enforcer system adds another layer of strategy to the game, making each playthrough unique and unpredictable.
    • With its innovative Babe system, this game isn't afraid to add a little whimsy to its gritty mafia world.


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