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GrandChase Returns! Immerse Yourself in an EPIC Adventure For ALL RPG Fans!


  • Revel in the excitement of the chase with GrandChase, a global phenomenon in the game world boasting over 2 million chasers! Once a celebrated PC game, GrandChase now brings over 100 heroes, familiar and new, to the palms of your hand in this captivating mobile RPG. Revel in a rich storyline, build and groom your dream team, and dive into various game modes unleashing your strategic prowess. This Top 10 RPG Game in 25 countries is a treasure you simply can't resist!
  • Game play

    • Take command of your party with easy controls in just a tap and drag!
    • Your decisions can alter the course of battle - be it skill timing, order, coordinates, or directions.
    • Experience real action on mobile! Gather more than 100 monsters and slay them all at once!
    • Join the chase in pursuing Kaze’aze across dimensions in the gripping sequel to the free-to-play online PC game, GrandChase.
    • Collect and mix and match over 100 unique heroes and multiple pets to assemble your dream team.
    • Navigate through different modes of the game, upgrade, evolve, prestige, and awaken your heroes for different contents.


    • A game for true RPG fans, GrandChase combines strategic game play with excellent storytelling.
    • Whether playing solo or joining a guild for dual raids and PVP battles, there are always new challenges and friends to be found.
    • With an impressive cast of over 100 heroes to collect and customize, the game offers endless team combinations and strategies to explore.
    • Enjoys a high user rating and proudly ranks among the Top 10 RPG Games in 25 countries.


    Related Comments

    • 'GrandChase is amazing! The storyline is captivating and the controls are incredibly easy to use.'
    • 'If you're a fan of RPG games, this is a must-have. The array of heroes and strategies keeps me coming back for more.'
    • 'I adore the guild feature. It's fantastic to be able to collaborate and battle with friends in game.'
    • 'GrandChase offers a great balance between strategy and action. The various game modes keep things interesting and challenging.'


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