Toca Life World: Build a Story

Toca Life World: Build a Story

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    Android Ios

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Create and play your game characters. Design a mini world and choose your story!


  • Toca Life World: Build a Story is a game that offers endless possibilities for creative play. With this app, you can design and decorate your own world, fill it with fun characters, and tell your own stories. Whether you want to go on adventures, create makeovers, or direct a sitcom, this game will inspire you to express yourself and have fun!
  • Join the millions of players who have already downloaded this app and start building your own mini world today!
  • Game play

    • Design and decorate your own houses using the Home Designer tool.
    • Create your own unique characters with the Character Creator.
    • Explore new game locations and unlock hundreds of secrets.
    • Connect your other Toca Life apps to your new world.
    • Collect exciting gifts every Friday from the Post Office.


    • The game is constantly evolving with new content and updates.
    • The Home Designer and Character Creator tools allow for endless customization options.
    • The game provides a safe and secure platform for kids to play.
    • The weekly gift events keep gameplay exciting and fresh.
    • Players can create and tell their own unique stories.


    Related Comments

    • My kids love this game and are always excited to see what new updates come out!
    • I appreciate the emphasis on creative play and the safe platform for kids!
    • The Home Designer tool is so much fun! I love designing and redecorating houses!
    • The weekly gift events are a great way to keep gameplay fresh and exciting!


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