MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG

MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG

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Create your own super team with heroes and villains from the Marvel Universe!


  • Introduction: Step into an epic universe of heroes and villains with MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG. As a free-to-play, action-packed turn-based RPG game, it brings the beloved Marvel Universe at your fingertips, drawing you into a thrilling world where Super Heroes and Super Villains unite forces to defend Earth. On your mobile device, assemble your dream squad featuring iconic characters like Spider-Man, Iron Man, Deadpool, and more. Addictive, immersive, and visually striking, this is an RPG adventure that awaits your command!
  • Game play

    • Gameplay: Select unique squads of Marvel Super Heroes and Super Villains for the ultimate fight.
    • Outfit and upgrade your characters to enhance their individual strengths and fighting styles.
    • Craft strategic alliances during epic 5v5 battles to overpower the most powerful villains of the Marvel Universe.
    • Experience dynamic chain combos with a single tap, bringing a cinematic touch to the gameplay.
    • Explore vast multiverses and experience enhanced gaming visuals as you guide your favorite Marvel characters.


    • Pros: Engage in a uniquely blended turn-based combat and RPG character progression.
    • Enjoy high-quality graphics that bring your favorite Marvel characters to life.
    • Experience the excitement of assembling an ultimate squad featuring characters from different facets of the Marvel Universe.
    • Master the art of strategic domination through synergistic combos and exploiting each character's strengths.
    • Immerse in a visually captivating world that offers never-before-seen Marvel cinematics.


    Related Comments

    • Related comments: 'This is the ultimate game for Marvel fans! A visually stunning and strategically challenging experience.'
    • 'I love the strategy and character customization! Felt like I was truly taking part in a Marvel universe.'
    • 'Addictive gameplay, and the graphics are fantastic. Every update brings something exciting.'
    • 'It's thrilling to assemble and upgrade my favourite heroes and villains from Marvel. Highly immersive and entertaining.'


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