Move Animals

Move Animals

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Play with animals!


  • Move Animals is an intriguing and engaging game where you get to move a variety of animals around to achieve a specified goal. This unique game features a host of adorable animals including dogs, cats, bears, elephants, horses, deers, tigers, raccoons, peacock, pandas, kangaroos, birds, and even dinosaurs. Each level is uniquely designed, promising an exciting and different experience every time you play.
  • Game play

    • The gameplay is simple and intuitive: simply move the animals to where you need them to be.
    • Each level has a specific goal to achieve. It keeps you on your toes as you strategize the best way to move each animal.
    • Each animal comes with its own unique strength and capabilities that can be leveraged to overcome challenges and achieve the goals.


    • The variety of animals and unique gameplay make it highly entertaining and engaging.
    • The game also has excellent, colorful graphics that are sure to captivate players of all ages.
    • Move Animals can also serve as an educational tool, introducing children to a variety of different animals.


    Related Comments

    • One user said, 'Move Animals is a fantastic game, my kids absolutely love it. The variety of animals keeps them engaged and they learn as they play.'
    • Another user mentioned, 'The gameplay is addicting and the controls are really easy to get the hang of. I love the uniqueness of each level.'
    • A parent commented, 'It's great to find a game that is both entertaining and educational. My children are introduced to new animals they hadn't known of before playing Move Animals.'


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