Tall Man Run

Tall Man Run

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Run tall, run wide!


  • In a world full of challenging games, Tall Man Run stands tall and proud. This robust and exciting game, designed by VectorUpGames, is a delightful blend of excitement, challenge, and fun. In the game, a tall man navigates through challenging terrains, avoids obstacles and eradicates bots. The player's primary goal is to make the character as tall and as wide as possible to take down bots and complete levels. Tall Man Run offers an entertaining environment filled with endless surprises.
  • Game play

    • To start, simply navigate your tall man through the landscape.
    • As you run, work on becoming as tall and as wide as possible.
    • Bots will come your way, be prepared to take them out with your increased size.
    • Plenty of rewards and extras are waiting to be discovered as you beat level after level.
    • Keep an eye on the leaderboard to track your progress and rank among other players.


    • The graphics of Tall Man Run are visually appealing, drawing players into the game with its vibrant colours.
    • The controls are easy to understand and maneuver making it suitable for players of all ages.
    • The unique concept of becoming taller and wider adds a captivating twist to the traditional run and dodge game format.
    • Every level brings a new challenge adding an element of surprise and continuous excitement.


    Related Comments

    • My son can't get enough of this game. He loves the challenge and excitement it brings.
    • Very fun and engaging, it's easy to lose track of time while playing Tall Man Run.
    • The graphics and controls really make the game enjoyable, truly a masterpiece from VectorUpGames.
    • Absolutely love this game! Highly recommended to anyone who loves a good running game.


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