War Planet Online: MMO Game

War Planet Online: MMO Game

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Be a war lord. Conquer the world. Build an army to dominate


  • If you've ever dreamed of conquering the world, then War Planet Online is the game for you. This MMO military game turns the entire global map into your battlefield, where you build your own war base, command powerful armies and form alliances with players worldwide. This comprehensive strategy game offers a unique experience that challenges your strategic skills in real-time battles.
  • Game play

    • Craft your ideal war base as the backbone for your defense against enemy assaults.
    • Command troops equipped with powerful units and weapons, including tanks, helicopters, and other modern warfare instruments.
    • Honing your strategic skills is key in dominating the planet in this military game universe.
    • Join forces with other players to form a multiplayer alliance, expanding your battle capabilities.
    • Engage in battles against players from around the globe, pushing your leadership skills to the limit.


    • Provides expansive real-time world war battlefield for an immersive game experience.
    • Offers features for custom destruction and conquering nations, allowing players to build, defend and produce for their war base.
    • Features real-time strategy (RTS) action, where your well-planned strategies impact the outcome of wars.
    • Allows players to create multiplayer alliances and rule the world collectively.
    • Incorporates a Proving Grounds arena where players can test and prove their military strategies.


    Related Comments

    • Players enjoy the real-time battles and the unique concept of capturing key cities like New York, Paris, London, and Tokyo.
    • Many find the alliance system fascinating as it encourages teamwork and camaraderie.
    • The regular updates with new units and gear keep the gamers engaged and excited.
    • The strategizing aspect of the game is highly praised for the challenge it presents.


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