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Worlds FRVR

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Build & Share with friends your World!


  • Looking for a block building game that offers multiplayer fun with friends? Look no further than Worlds FRVR! This app lets you and your friends build, play, and share in a real-time multiplayer platform. Dive into the thousands of existing worlds that have been creatively built by players, or create a new one with your friends. With a large committed player base, numerous blocks, and a variety of skins, Worlds FRVR promises endless fun and engagement.
  • Game play

    • Start by creating a new world or explore an existing one.
    • You can design and build structures using a variety of blocks.
    • Personalize your avatar with many available skins.
    • Play with friends and share your creations with them in real time.


    • Worlds FRVR offers real-time multiplayer fun, allowing friends to build and share together.
    • There’s no limit to creativity with the variety of blocks available for building.
    • With thousands of worlds created by committed players, there's always something new to explore.
    • Players can personalize their characters with various skins, adding more fun to the game.


    Related Comments

    • Players praised the game's real-time multiplayer aspect, describing it as an engrossing social experience.
    • The vast variety of blocks for building was commended, igniting creativity among players.
    • Many gamers appreciate the endless exploration offered by the thousands of pre-existing worlds.
    • The customization options for avatars were loved by many, adding personal touch to the game.


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