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Unleash the entire Marvel Multiverse in this fast-paced card battler.


  • Diving into an action-packed card game with your favorite Marvel characters is what makes MARVEL SNAP the talk of the gaming community. Climbing to the top of popularity charts, this gaming sensation brings together both strategic gameplay and character customization. If you love Marvel superheroes and fast-paced card games, this is your dream come true.
  • Game play

    • Players will build a deck of 12 unique cards, each representing a Marvel Super Hero or Villain.
    • The aim is to outsmart and outwit your opponent in a compelling 3-minute match.
    • Keep your gameplay careful and strategic, with the chance to double your rewards with the 'SNAP' mechanic.
    • Explore diverse locations from the Marvel Universe, each offering distinct game-changing factors.
    • Progress is saved across mobile and desktop platforms, enabling you to play anytime, anywhere.


    • With quick 3-minute games, MARVEL SNAP aims at eliminating tedious waits while maximizing fun.
    • Enjoy an ad-free experience with no energy limits to keep you from immersing in lengthy play sessions.
    • The game challenges your strategic skills with diverse gameplay across 50+ Marvel Universe locations.
    • The 'SNAP' mechanic brings a unique twist that allows you to raise the stakes during a match.
    • Regular updates with new cards, locations and events keep the game fresh.


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    • 'MARVEL SNAP has turned my daily commute into a superhero saga. A must-try for every Marvel fan out there!'
    • 'The quick 3-minute matches make it convenient to play anytime I have spare moments. Kudos to the developers!'
    • 'The constant updates have me hooked. I can’t wait for what’s next on MARVEL SNAP.'
    • 'The cross-platform play ensures I never lose my progress whether I'm on my mobile or desktop.'


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