Hero Squad!

Hero Squad!

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    Android Ios

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Shoot them all!


  • Introduction: Immerse into a thrilling world of zombie battles with Hero Squad! This adventure-filled, action-packed game will make you gather your best army, build robust defences, and endure the monstrous hordes of enemies. Customise your heroes and equip them with the deadliest weapons to wipe out zombies and earn gold. Immerse yourself into the remarkable visual effects, fast-paced gameplay and an addictively fun environment.
  • Game play

    • Recruit new units equipped with powerful weapons.
    • Choose diverse heroes - each having unique skills and abilities.
    • Fight against zombie packs and shielded troops.
    • Collect gold from killed enemies and customize your heroes.
    • Discover special game events such as solo run, endless mode and money rush.


    • Variety of units to recruit; each unit boasting unique weapons and abilities.
    • Numerous game tracks, each providing a unique challenge.
    • Attractive and eye-pleasing graphics to enhance gaming experience.
    • Featuring intense battles requiring strategy to conquer.


    Related Comments

    • 'One of the most exciting zombie apocalypse games I've ever played!'
    • 'The range of weapons and units is impressive'
    • 'The ability to customize your own hero was a great addition.'
    • 'The game keeps me on the edge from start to finish. Two Thumbs up!'


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