Criminal Case

Criminal Case

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The award winning crime investigation game is now on the Google Play Store!


  • Introduction: Imagine steeping into the shoes of a detective in a grim city filled with crime and mystery. Criminal Case, the #1 free hidden object game on Google Play, takes you deep into a world of intriguing murder mysteries waiting to be solved. You're tasked to find hidden clues, interrogate witnesses, and bring killers to justice. Will you be able to crack the case? Join the Police of Grimsborough, and embark on your thrilling journey to unravel the truth behind each crime.
  • Game play

    • Gameplay: Expansive, varied crime scenes to investigate for hidden evidence.
    • Interview a variety of suspects and witnesses to gather crucial information.
    • Analyze evidence in lab sequences to draw logical conclusions.
    • Bring the suspects in for interrogation and judge their responses.
    • Crack the case by finding the killer, and bring them to justice.


    • Pros: Engrossing storyline that keeps you glued till the end.
    • Dynamic gameplay mechanics that ensure a unique challenge in each case.
    • Stunning graphics that make the game environment come alive.
    • Opportunity to play with friends and compete to become the best detective.


    Related Comments

    • Related comments: 'The plot is captivating and challenges my deductive skills.'
    • 'The graphics are vibrant and the gameplay is refreshing. Totally love it!'
    • 'Compared to other mystery games, Criminal Case is way more interesting.'
    • 'Criminal Case keeps me entertained for hours. Can't wait to solve more cases!'


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