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Urban Myth Comics Game


  • Immerse yourself into an infinite world of superhero affairs through Dislyte, a splendid union of the comic world and the gaming sector. The game takes you on a captivating voyage via a series of comics within a futuristic world. You have the responsibility to create your superhero team called Espers, powered by myth gods, to combat the menacing monsters planning havoc. Pandora’s box awaits your arrival; the question remains, will you rise to fight for humanity?
  • Game play

    • Step into the urban myth comics world of Dislyte, home to portal - like floating structures known as 'Miracles'.
    • Discover a variety of characters: the compassionate ones, the deities of ancient mythologies, and the superheroes.
    • Forge friendships with fellow players sharing your interests. Engage in enriching conversations offering insight into the game characters and topics.
    • Express your creativity by contributing to fan content and immerse yourself into fan art by passionate fans.


    • Dislyte offers a distinctive blend of gaming and comics within a futuristic universe.
    • A wide array of diverse characters to select from, including adorable ones and superheroes of unparalleled power.
    • An active community of players with whom to connect and share your game journey.
    • Constantly updated fan content that nurtures an environment of creativity and unity among the players.


    Related Comments

    • Dislyte beautifully fuses the universe of comics and gaming into one immersive experience.
    • The diverse and all-inclusive range of characters adds a layer of richness that most games lack.
    • The active community provides meaningful exchanges that enhance the gaming experience.
    • The surprises of gods taking unexpected forms adds a fun twist to conventional mythology narratives.


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