Monster Demolition - Giants 3D

Monster Demolition - Giants 3D

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Race straight for the action in this wildly demolition game with giants!


  • Welcome to Monster Demolition - Giants 3D, an exciting smash hit game that offers a thrilling experience in an action-packed pixelated apocalypse. As the last stand against the forces of destruction, you are put in command of a monstrous truck laden with power to demolish giant monsters. Ready to take the wheel and charge head-on into this wildly entertaining demolition extravaganza? Buckle up, hit the accelerator and let the demolition derby begin!
  • Game play

    • Strategize the perfect trajectory and crash headlong into enemies, causing maximum destruction.
    • Keep chipping away at the monsters until they finally crumble to your repeated assaults.
    • Devise a strategy, judge the angle and velocity of your truck to maximize damage from each crash, and topple your enemies by hitting their supports.
    • Defend against the monsters' retaliatory arsenal of fireballs, spikes, and bombs.
    • Aim for the monster's power source for optimal damage and an easier path to victory.
    • Earn cogs through each successful attack which can be used to augment your truck with rocket launchers, giant bombs or other boosters to increase armor, power or bonuses.


    • MONSTER DEMOLITION offers a challenging and immersive gameplay featuring 52 giant monsters inspired by varied themes, each having unique powers and weak points.
    • As you progress, you get to upgrade your truck or move on to better vehicles to deal greater damage.
    • Experience the thrill in eight unique locations under varying weather conditions, from tornadoes to meteor showers.


    Related Comments

    • 'I absolutely love how every level brings out a new giant monster and new strategies.'
    • 'Finally, a game that gets more exciting with play. The array of monsters and environments keeps you truly engaged.'
    • 'The upgrade options make it so much more interesting and fun. Definitively a must-try for those who love action games.'


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