Country Balls: World War

Country Balls: World War

Strategy Games
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    Android Ios

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Control your army, use logic & strategy to win the battles. Become the champion!


  • Dive into the realm of strategy and tactics with Country Balls: World War! This game gives you the power to command your own cell army, evolve a state into an empire, and wage wars of global domination. Whether you want to crush dictators or make savvy diplomatic deals, it's all up to your style of play. Beware, this game requires not only military might but also economic strategies and wise decision making!
  • Game play

    • Select a country to represent your empire and lead it to victory.
    • Upgrade your state for an economic boost, greater combat power, and enhanced defense.
    • Use strategic and logical thinking to win battles in real-time.
    • Secure territories across the globe and expand your empire.
    • Engage in political deals and manage real-time events and crises.
    • Choose to use nuclear weapons for devastating enemy takeovers.


    • The game offers a rich strategy experience with focus on real-time tactical battles.
    • An immersive global conquest simulation that requires balance of military and economic tactics.
    • Offers a multitude of strategies for state upgrades, capturing territories and managing the economy.
    • Provides varied customization options for avatar personalization.
    • Includes a deadly option of using nuclear weapons for a powerful offensive.


    Related Comments

    • 'It's thrilling to strategize and capture territories! Love the realistic gameplay.'
    • 'The blend of military tactics and economic strategy makes it a unique game.'
    • 'Definitely an addictive strategy game. The nuclear option takes it to another level!'


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