Pokémon Shuffle Mobile

Pokémon Shuffle Mobile

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A Pokémon game is coming to smartphones!


  • Presenting Pokémon Shuffle Mobile, a novel and charming puzzle game that lets you combine Pokémon miniatures vertically or horizontally to battle wild Pokémon. You can savour this game casually with quick battles or collect and level up Pokémon for hours of enjoyment. This game has a bountiful array of stages and Pokémon, not only from its initial release but also additional planned stages and Pokémon, ensuring a comprehensive selection for all Pokémon enthusiasts. Simple controls coupled with complex strategic gameplay allows everyone from beginners to experts to comfortably immerse themselves in the world of Pokémon.
  • Game play

    • Select your preferred Pokémon and its destination in the puzzle area.
    • As you group three or more Pokémon in a line, watch as they swiftly engage in battles against wild Pokémon.
    • Combat, Collect and level up diverse Pokémon.
    • Test your strategic acumen across multiple levels and challenges.
    • Experience new stages and Pokémon in regular updates.


    • A perfect blend of simple, intuitive gameplay and challenging strategic aspects.
    • A wide variety of stages and Pokémon to keep you constantly engaged and entertained.
    • Regular updates guarantee new gameplay experiences.
    • Accessible to all players, from puzzle beginners to veteran experts.


    Related Comments

    • 'I love how it combines strategic gaming with my love for Pokémon. The gameplay is simple yet engaging.'
    • 'The updates keep the game fresh and intriguing. Definitely one to look out for.'
    • 'It's not just a puzzle game, it's a Pokémon game. The unique Pokémon element truly sets it apart.'
    • 'Great for both quick casual gaming sessions as well as lengthy strategic battles.'


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