Creatures of the Deep: Fishing

Creatures of the Deep: Fishing

Adventure Games
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    Android Ios

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Multiplayer fishing adventure game


  • Welcome to Creatures of the Deep: Fishing, the unique multiplayer adventure fishing game that skillfully combines exploration, relaxation, and competition. If you have ever dreamt of reeling in the biggest fish in the world, then this is the perfect fishing game for you! Breathe in the fresh marine air and dive headfirst into mysterious monsters from the deep.
  • Game play

    • Travel across the globe and discover the world's most exotic fishing locations.
    • Catch over 100 fish, creatures, items and even monsters.
    • Meet with quirky anglers and engage in friendly competition.
    • Solve exciting mysteries and help save the ocean by building your camp.


    • Experience one of the best fishing experiences amongst free fishing games available on the planet.
    • Immerse yourself in the fascinating underwater world that is full of unique sea creatures, ancient treasures, intriguing puzzles and curiosities.
    • Test your angling skills with rare freshwater and sea giants like pike, catfish, perch, trout, bass, eel, sturgeon, zander, carp, sharks, marlins, tunas, cod, halibut, plaice, salmon, whales and more.
    • Enjoy the stunning graphics and easy-to-master gameplay of Creatures of the Deep: Fishing.


    Related Comments

    • 'Creatures of the Deep' is my new obsession. The stunning graphics and captivating gameplay is truly worth the hype.
    • My kids absolutely love this game. The challenges and adventures keep them glued to the screen.
    • Outstanding fishing simulation, especially the underwater visuals, which are absolutely mesmerising.
    • I've played many fishing games, but nothing compares to the thrill this one provides.


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