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Through the darkness, we see light


  • If you're in search of a game that effortlessly marries RPG and strategic elements with stunning anime-style graphics, then look no further than Arknights. As a key member of Rhodes Island, a pharmaceutical company, you are thrust into the heart of a deadly infection and the resulting unrest. With your leader Amiya, you'll recruit and train operators, assign them to various operations and ultimately save the world from impending turmoil.
  • Game play

    • Stepping into the role of a key member in Rhodes Island, you'll be tasked with recruiting operators and train them to withstand various operations.
    • Strategically assign your operators to different tasks to ensure the protection of the innocent and resist those spreading chaos.
    • Utilize the Auto Deploy system to make strategic decisions while freeing up your hands.
    • Construct and personalize your base according to your preference with the Base construction system.


    • Arknights offers a unique blend of RPG and strategic elements wrapped in gorgeous anime-style graphics.
    • The game boasts an array of unique operators, expanding the dimension of gameplay possibilities.
    • The Auto Deploy and Base construction system allow you to strategize and personalize your gaming experience.
    • The game features a rich soundtrack and some of the most renowned Japanese voice actors and actresses, ensuring a sublime auditory experience.


    Related Comments

    • 'I've been completely engrossed in Arknights. The combination of RPG and strategy is very engaging, with so many operators to recruit.'
    • 'The Auto Deploy system is a game-changer; it allows me to strategize while freeing up my hands. Plus, the base construction system lets me personalize my base.'
    • 'The game's soundtrack is robust, and the voices from famous Japanese actors and actresses truly immerse you in the game.'


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