Wild Kratts Rescue Run

Wild Kratts Rescue Run

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    Android Ios

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Endless runner fun packed with animal facts, exciting wildlife, & adventure.


  • If you're seeking an app to engage your kids with fun and education, Wild Kratts Rescue Run is an exceptional choice. This interactive endless runner game lets children explore and learn about different wildlife creatures and their habitats. Kids can play as different characters, use unique creature power suits and save wildlife animals. Ideal for ages 5-8, this game not only sparks children's imagination but also provides them with valuable knowledge about animals and environments.
  • Game play

    • Choose from different characters to play the game: Chris, Martin, or Aviva.
    • Use creative problem-solving skills to rescue wildlife animals.
    • Beat villains in the game and ensure the safety of animals.
    • Unlock fascinating animal facts in your Creaturepedia as you progress through the game.
    • Run, jump, fly and swim through different environmental settings like rainforests, deserts, and snow-filled forests.


    • Fun yet educational, it keeps kids engaged with interactive gameplay and learning.
    • Adjustable runner speed to suit different age groups, ensuring the right level of challenge.
    • An ad-free experience for uninterrupted gameplay.
    • Offers replayability with multiple levels, creating a rewarding and engaging experience.


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    • 'This is an excellent game; my kids are learning so much about animals while playing!'
    • 'My daughters were thrilled to play as their favorite characters from the show.'
    • 'Love how the game integrates learning and fun.'
    • 'Seeing my kids engage not just in the fun but also in the educational aspects of the game is wonderful.'


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