Clash of Kings

Clash of Kings

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Establish the strongest kingdom & Conquer the World


  • In a realm where historical civilizations collide, Clash of Kings drops you into the hot seat of leading a potentially mighty empire. Step into the engaging era of Vikings, Yamato, Crescent, Huaxia, and Dragon-Born, each offering unique features and environments. Experience real-time strategic trialling and step into the epic world of building your kingdom.
  • Game play

    • Start by fortifying your castle and getting your troops ready for war.
    • Research advanced technologies to bolster your defence and expand your attack.
    • Command a range of troop units from rampaging cavalry to devastating cannons.
    • Engage in massive multiplayer battles alongside your allies, defeat enemies, and expand your territories.
    • Move across kingdoms and form new alliances, adding another layer of strategic depth.


    • Experience 5 different civilizations, each with unique environments and features.
    • An engaging real-time strategy gameplay that keeps you on your toes.
    • Vertical-screen war gameplay, a pioneer in its genre that guarantees easy controls.
    • A multitude of battlefields and a robust multiplayer component for dynamic engagements.


    Related Comments

    • 'The versatility of units and civilizations keeps me hooked.'
    • 'The multi-level multiplayer component has added a refreshing layer of strategy to the game.'
    • 'The graphics are phenomenal and the real-time battles are immensely immersive.'
    • 'The vertical screen war gameplay is innovative and makes battles much more manageable.'


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