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Granny keeps you locked in her house.


  • Welcome to the world of Granny. A hit horror survival mobile gaming app that will test your wit and resillience, as you face your fears and unravel the secrets trapped within Granny's eerie house. Edging on the line of being deadly and mysterious, Granny is an adrenaline-pumping mobile game that sets a new bar for the horror game genre. As you are locked in Granny's distant and remote house, you are required to solve challenging puzzle, and tread lightly as you attempt to escape without meeting Granny's ominous presence.
  • Game play

    • Your mission is clear: escape the house silently and stealthily, without alerting Granny.
    • You are required to be extremely vigilant and careful, as Granny hears everything.
    • Accidentally drop an object, and she will come running.
    • The environment is interactive. You can hide in places like wardrobes or under beds.
    • You only have 5 days to escape.


    • A suspenseful gameplay that elevates the horror gaming experience.
    • Interactive environment that allows you to hide or manipulate objects.
    • Adrenaline stimulating chase if you accidentally draw Granny's attention.
    • Intricate puzzles to keep you engaged throughout the 5 days in game.
    • The game contains advertisement and provides regular updates and bug fixes for smooth gaming.


    Related Comments

    • Players comment, 'A thrilling horror survival game. Makes me think carefully before every move'.
    • 'Never has a mobile game made my heart pound so intensely. Granny is brilliantly scary'.
    • 'I experienced goosebumps while playing! Very exciting and challenging game.'
    • 'Amazing game, Granny appears so unexpected and scary that I can't stop playing'.


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