Death Worm™

Death Worm™

Arcade Games
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    Android Ios

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Take control of a Giant Death Worm and unleash The Power on your enemies!


  • Dive into a world of mayhem and destruction with Death Worm™, a mind-boggling monster game from PlayCreek! Control an underground monster as it bursts from beneath the ground to wreak havoc and devour anything unfortunate enough to cross its path. With its engaging storyline, thrilling gameplay, and stunning graphics, Death Worm™ promises to be a gaming experience unlike any other.
  • Game play

    • Take control of the giant underground worm to wreak havoc and devour prey.
    • Venture through diverse settings - jungle, city, hot sands or Antarctic ice desert.
    • Battle formidable foes ranging from animals, birds to dangerous predators.
    • Take part in Survival, Campaign and Mini Games mode for unlimited entertainment.
    • Destroy vehicles, bring down flying objects, and defeat over 40 types of enemies.


    • An engaging storyline that is sure to keep you hooked until the end.
    • Simple and intuitive controls making it easy for players of all skill levels.
    • Diverse gameplay modes offering endless entertainment and challenges.
    • A variety of upgrades and power-ups to supercharge your monstrous worm.


    Related Comments

    • The game offers an adrenaline-packed experience with its impressive graphics and engaging gameplay.
    • Death Worm's innovative concept and challenging game modes ensure that it never gets boring.
    • The freedom to cause as much destruction as you want is immensely satisfying.
    • Death Worm™ is a uniquely entertaining game that truly stands out in the oversaturated market of mobile games.


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