Papa's Mocharia To Go!

Papa's Mocharia To Go!

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Create delicious coffee drinks and cannoli in Papa's Mocharia To Go!


  • Discover the joy of brewing right at your fingertips with Papa's Mocharia To Go! This engaging game catapults you into the heart of Papa Louie’s brand-new coffee shop in New Pepperton. Not just a coffee shop, Papa’s Mocharia combines the elements of creating delicious coffee drinks and crafting delicious cannolis, promising an unforgettable gastronomic journey set against the vibrant backdrop of the busy coffeehouse.
  • Game play

    • Start by brewing fresh espresso shots using the Brew Machines.
    • Steam and froth milk for the drinks of discerning customers.
    • Layer the espresso and milk along with colorful powders and flavored syrups in a cup on the Build Station, adding your artistic touch to every creation.
    • Craft delightful cannolis with your choice of shells, fill it with cream and garnish with delicious toppings according to customer orders.
    • Serve customers with a variety of daily specials, unlocking new ingredients and earning special prizes.


    • Immerse yourself in a hands-on coffee shop game set in the Papa Louie universe.
    • Savor the joy of multitasking as you manage various tasks including brewing coffee, layering drinks and crafting cannolis.
    • Enjoy the thrill of holidays as you cater to the changing demands of the customers, unlocking a new set of holiday-specific ingredients.
    • Gain experience and insights as you unlock and master the art of crafting 40 unique special recipes.


    Related Comments

    • One user commented, 'This game is amazing for coffee lovers and those looking for a fun way to pass time.'
    • Another reviewer stated, 'From brewing coffee to serving customers, this game has all the elements of a busy coffeehouse.'
    • 'I love the holiday-specific themes and recipes. It's a refreshing addition.' one player remarked.
    • 'The game is simple to understand and play, but at the same time incredibly engaging,' said another customer.


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