Color Match

Color Match

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Blend & Match! Mix colors on paper, compare with objects, aim for perfect match!


  • Immerse yourself in the captivating world of colors with 'Coloring Match,' the ultimate color-matching game. With your artistic touch, you can paint a vast variety of 3D objects and turn them into vibrant masterpieces. Explore your creativity, learn to mix colors, and breathe life into 200 unique objects using your singular color style. From transforming animals and flowers to coloring an array of electronics and sports equipment, you will run the gamut of your imagination. 'Coloring Match' not only offers a gaming experience but a journey into the artistic realm of colors.
  • Game play

    • Choose an object from different categories to color.
    • Mix hues from a color palette to discover new colors.
    • Paint the chosen object and breathe life into it.
    • Make use of hints if you're stuck or undo steps if you need to correct your painting.
    • Sell your painted objects at an auction, or exhibit them in your personal gallery.
    • Decorate unique themed rooms with your creatively painted objects.


    • The game comes with an effortless painting process, allowing you to easily match original hues.
    • It offers the opportunity to learn color mixing and to discover new shades.
    • The option to auction your artwork or exhibit it in your gallery adds a competitive element.
    • The game provides an immersive 3D gallery where you can explore your uniquely painted objects.
    • Sharing your creations on social media is a simple way to display your artistic prowess.


    Related Comments

    • 'Coloring Match' is truly an immersive and relaxing experience!
    • From the stunning visual aesthetics to the easiness of the gameplay, this game is solid gold.
    • This game is a fantastic tool for teaching color mixing to kids.
    • Definitely getting hooked to this! The satisfaction of coloring and exhibiting it in my own gallery is unmatchable.


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