Last War:Survival Game

Last War:Survival Game

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Join Last War: Survival Game - strategic zombie dodging and quick combat await!


  • In a world where the apocalypse is upon us, survival is the key. Jonesing for an adrenaline-pumping, strategic game filled with the undead? Look no further than Last War: Survival Game. In this riveting strategical game, your reflexes, ability to strategize and make sound decisions would be put to the ultimate test.
  • Game play

    • Embark on an intense survival challenge, dodging and combating waves of zombies.
    • Customize and fortify your base, expand your army, be the beacon of hope survivors look up to.
    • Choose from three military branches to Recruit heroes with unique skills for your dream team.
    • Partner with players across the globe and unite to vanquish the zombie horde. But be wary, alliances can be tricky and not every survivor is friendly.


    • A thrilling game that tests both your strategic thinking and reflexes.
    • Distinct gameplay that allows you to build, expand and lead in a world overrun by zombies.
    • The freedom to create your dream team of heroes from multiple military branches.
    • Provides a global platform for forming alliances and battling the zombie horde.


    Related Comments

    • 'The breezy mix of strategy and quick reflexes makes Last War a total standout!'
    • 'The layers of strategies required is fascinating, it's like chess with zombies!'
    • 'Love that I can play with people from other parts of the globe, truly brings a different dimension to the gameplay.'
    • 'There's nothing more satisfying than building your own fortress and assembling your dream team of zombie slayers!'


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