Plants vs. Zombies™

Plants vs. Zombies™

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Stem a zombie attack on your yard with the help of powerful plants!


  • Get ready for a fun-filled adventure with Plants vs. Zombies™! As swarms of zombies threaten to break down your door, you must use your arsenal of zombie-zapping plants to save your home. With an array of plants like peashooters, wall-nuts, cherry bombs, and more, take down 26 types of zombies across 50 challenging levels. Read on to discover more about this exciting game!
  • If you're looking for a classic arcade-style game that will keep you entertained for hours, Plants vs. Zombies™ is the perfect choice.
  • Game play

    • Plant and defend! In Plants vs. Zombies™, you plant various plants with unique abilities on your lawn to defend your house against a horde of zombies. With 49 plants to choose from, each with its own abilities, you must carefully strategize to beat the zombies and protect your home.
    • Fight through the levels! Conquer 50 levels of Adventure mode and fend off a continual wave of zombies in Survival mode. Experience thrilling gameplay in different settings like day, night, fog, the swimming pool, and on the rooftop.
    • Battle unique zombies! Each of the 26 types of fun-dead zombies in Plants vs. Zombies™ has its own special skills. From pole-vaulters to snorkelers to bucketheads and more, you'll have to think fast and plant faster to take them all down.
    • Create a powerful garden! As you progress through the game, you'll earn powerful perennials and collect coins to buy power-ups, pet snails, and more. You can also buy up to 600,000 coins right from the Main Menu.
    • Challenge yourself! Earn 46 achievements by showing off your zombie-zapping prowess. Check out the Almanac to learn about all the zombies and plants and plan the ultimate zombie-destroying strategy.


    • A classic arcade-style game that is easy to pick up but challenging to master.
    • A huge variety of plants and zombies with their own unique abilities, providing endless hours of gameplay.
    • Fun graphics and sound effects that make the game even more enjoyable.
    • An array of power-ups and pet snails to collect and use to your advantage.
    • The ability to disable in-app purchases, making it a great option for children.


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    • I love this game! It's so much fun and it never gets old. The graphics are great and the sound effects are hilarious!
    • This is the perfect game to play when you need a break from work. It's addictive and challenging, but not so hard that it's frustrating!
    • My kids love this game! It's easy for them to understand and it keeps them entertained for hours!
    • I'm a huge fan of arcade-style games, and this one is definitely one of my favorites. The gameplay is smooth and the graphics are top-notch!


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