Melon Maker : Fruit Game

Melon Maker : Fruit Game

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Merge it as big as you can! Enjoy the big melon!


  • Prepare to turn into a Melon Maker in this captivating and distinctive portable game! If you are a fan of enticing and addictive experiences, brace yourself for Melon Maker: Fruit Game. This simple yet exciting melon-focused game is certain to fulfill your gaming cravings. Create gigantic, juicy melons by merging smaller fruits together. Get hooked on the ecstasy of merging, expanding and competing!
  • Game play

    • Start by tapping the screen to drop fruits into the play box.
    • Merge the same fruits to create a bigger fruit.
    • Continue merging until you create the biggest possible melon.
    • Enjoy the satisfaction of watching your fruits grow bigger and bigger.
    • Challenge players worldwide to see who can create the biggest melon.
    • Beware of letting your fruit out of the box, or you'll lose.


    • Fun, addictive and straightforward gameplay perfect for every age group.
    • Promotes strategic thinking as you manage your growing fruits.
    • Compete with players worldwide for an extra layer of excitement.
    • Exquisite and vibrant graphics add to the charm of this fruit puzzle game.
    • Great way to kill time and train focus simultaneously.


    Related Comments

    • 'A fruit-filled challenge that's as addictive as it is fun!'
    • 'Even though it looks simple, believe me, it's a real brain teaser.'
    • 'The graphics are so enticing, making it all the more enjoyable.'
    • 'I absolutely love competing with my friends to create the biggest melon!'


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