Figure Fantasy

Figure Fantasy

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3D idle figurine mobile game, Figure Fantasy has arrived in style!


  • Figure Fantasy is a captivating 3D idle game that allows you to become a master of figurines. In this creatively crafted miniature world, you'll embark on a delightful adventure where you collect and strategically maneuver an array of unique figurines, each with their own skills and characteristics. Unfold a miniaturized story in stunning 3D rendering and immerse yourself in the interactive elements that make this game a stand-out in its genre.
  • Game play

    • Experience Physically Based Rendering technology that delivers high precision and real-world material textures.
    • Purchase a 'Blind Box' with a single tap and uncover a delightful surprise.
    • Strategically deploy your figurines on a 3x3 Grid, planning your battles and adjusting your line-ups according to your strategy.
    • Enjoy a simple idle gameplay where you can effortlessly earn resources even when you are offline.
    • Original custom display cabinet system lets you create a unique Otaku Zone with hundreds of themes to choose from.


    • Figure Fantasy offers high-quality 3D graphics presenting a detailed and visually captivating world.
    • The game provides a unique collection mechanism with the 'Blind Box' feature, adding the surprise element to the game.
    • Figure Fantasy engages players in strategic battles, enhancing the gaming experience.
    • The simplicity of the game stands out as it smoothly blends idle gameplay elements with strategy.
    • This game also provides a platform for players to show their creativity with its custom display-cabinet system.


    Related Comments

    • One user shared, 'Figure Fantasy has a unique charm with its blend of strategy and surprise elements. Highly addictive and visually engaging game.'
    • Another said, 'The 3D rendering is phenomenal, I feel like a true master of this miniature world. The strategic battles keep me engaged'.
    • A third player noted, 'The surprise element with the 'Blind Box' has me hooked, there's always something new to look forward to'.
    • Another player mentioned, 'I love how the game doesn't feel stagnant even when I am offline, the resources keep accumulating. Brilliantly thought out game.'


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