Baldi's Basics Classic

Baldi's Basics Classic

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The original version of Baldi's Basics - A horror, edutainment parody game


  • Immerse yourself in the world of Baldi's Basics Classic, a game that is far from what it seems. Drawing inspiration from the edutainment games of the 90s that were unintentionally creepy and bad, this game is a bizarre meta horror that oddly doesn't offer any educational value. The primary objective of the game is to gather seven notebooks and make your escape from the school. Sounds easy, right? Wait until you are caught in the intricacies of the game, and you'll realize it's not a cake walk. In this game, you'll have to strategically maneuver yourself, manage the items you come across in the school and remember the layout of the school to ultimately escape the clutches of Baldi.
  • Game play

    • Venture into the game with two exciting modes - story and endless.
    • In story mode, collect 7 notebooks and escape the school to win. The challenge lies in the fact that as you collect more notebooks, Baldi becomes faster.
    • Endless mode is an absolute test of your resilience to see how many notebooks you can gather before Baldi catches you. Balancing between slowing Baldi down by solving problems in the notebooks and avoiding his grasp is the key to success in this mode.


    • The game introduces an intriguing and unconventional perspective on horror games.
    • The variety of modes keep the game intriguing and challenging.
    • The immersive environment and unique graphics keep the players engaged.
    • The strategic elements add an extra layer of challenges to the gameplay.


    Related Comments

    • 'This game took me by surprise! The simple graphic style and the unique concept had me hooked.'
    • 'I love the challenge in Baldi's Basics. It's not just about collecting notebooks but also about developing an effective strategy.'
    • 'The eerie but comically designed school environment really makes the game stand out.'
    • 'It's such a memorable game experience. Can't wait for more!'


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