Army Men Strike: Toy Wars

Army Men Strike: Toy Wars

Strategy Games
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    Android Ios

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Build your toy army and rule the battlefield using your strategy skills.


  • Immerse yourself in a war without limits with Army Men Strike: Toy Wars! This game brings the toy army from your childhood to life. Your task is to defend your flag against the invading enemy and strike back using a powerful combination of tactics. Experience war as never before, test your strategy skills and fight for victory in this miniature war.
  • Game play

    • Experience the thrill of tower defense game play with the newly added Tower Defense game mode.
    • Deploy defensive structures, protect your base from enemy invasions.
    • Recruit and train your army of toy soldiers, incorporating various combat tactics.
    • Upgrade your weapons, armor and other combat units.
    • Defend against countless invasions from evil toys and protect your home base at all costs.


    • A variety of challenge modes that keep game play exciting.
    • Ability to create or join a Corps, implementing camaraderie and strategic cooperation.
    • Striking graphics and a nostalgic toy-themed style that captures your attention.
    • Ability to strategize and test your commanding skills against other players on the battlefield.


    Related Comments

    • A delightful blast from the past with a tactical twist! Definitely worth checking out.
    • I love the strategic aspect of the game. It's challenging, engaging, and exciting to play.
    • The tower defense mode is my favourite, it adds a different level of strategy to the game.
    • An entertaining mix of fun and strategy, this game keeps me coming back for more.


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