Age of Apes

Age of Apes

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Select Monkey Warriors! Win This Brutal Banana War!


  • Welcome to the world where humans are history and apes rule – welcome to the Age of Apes! Engage in a robust MMO strategy game, where monkeys are waging wars, launching Rockets into space on the hunt for... bananas! Become part of a powerful Clan, create your own Gang, participate in wars and be the first monkey to explore the galaxy. Will you be the hero of all primates?
  • Game play

    • Manage your outpost, build an army, aim to be the strongest monkey in your Clan and lead them to war.
    • Engage in various activities like defeating Mutant Monkeys and stealing resources from enemy Clans.
    • Make strategic decisions to win the post-apocalyptic space race.
    • Cooperate with your allies to fight monkeys from other Clans in massive PVP wars.
    • Develop your outpost to dominate in the monkey realm and train powerful armies.
    • Explore the game world, meet new characters, fight PVE battles and discover ancient Ruins.


    • Diverse gameplay incorporating strategy, cooperation, exploration, and communication.
    • Plenty of engaging activities and challenges to do while contributing to your Clan.
    • Possibilities to create your own army and develop your outpost.
    • A unique social system for planning strategies and communicating with allies.


    Related Comments

    • The character designs are cute and it's fun to explore the game's world.
    • Love how it feels like I’m building my own empire, but it’s all just monkeys!
    • The Co-op and PvP games are challenging and fun, always keeps me on my toes.
    • This game blends strategy and community perfectly, it’s like having a mini-planet of apes in my phone!


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