Among Us

Among Us

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Join your crewmates in a multiplayer game of teamwork and betrayal!


  • Looking for a fun and engaging multiplayer game? Look no further than Among Us!
  • In this exciting game, you and your friends must work together to prepare your spaceship for departure, but be careful - one of you is an impostor who will stop at nothing to sabotage your efforts and kill everyone on board.
  • Game play

    • Play online or over local WiFi with 4-15 players.
    • Attempt to complete all tasks before the impostor kills everyone.
    • Discover the impostor's true identity and vote them off the ship in order to win.
    • Use sabotage to cause chaos and distract other players from your true intentions.
    • Gather clues and work together with other crewmates to identify the impostor before it's too late.


    • Offers a unique blend of social deduction and strategy gameplay.
    • Quick and easy to learn, but with plenty of depth to keep you engaged.
    • Great for playing with friends, whether online or in person.
    • Regular updates and new features keep the gameplay fresh and exciting.
    • Offers plenty of customization options, including different spaceship layouts and character skins.


    Related Comments

    • I love playing Among Us with my friends!
    • The graphics and gameplay are simple but effective, making for a really engaging experience!
    • The fact that it's cross-platform means that you can play with friends who don't have the same type of device as you!
    • Among Us has quickly become one of my favorite multiplayer games!


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