Save the Guy: Funny Choice

Save the Guy: Funny Choice

Adventure Games
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Help rescue Guy! Make choices by choosing a weird decision! Inappropriate games!


  • Looking for a fun and challenging puzzle game sprinkled with a sense of humor? Meet 'Save the Guy: Funny Choice,' a thrilling game filled with witty puzzles and choice-driven narratives. Every decision matters in this comical game; not only do they determine the fate of the protagonist but they also pave the way for laugh-out-loud moments. You are tasked with helping our protagonist make critical decisions to escape from sticky situations with a twist of black comedy. Rest assured, your spare time will turn into a hilarious escapade with this single click.
  • Game play

    • Navigate through a series of tricky puzzles with your choices as the key.
    • Help the main character escape from prison.
    • Handle the aftermath of the escape and continue making decisions that affect the guy's life.
    • Each level presents a fresh scenario with multiple choices.


    • An enjoyable game that is easy to play but requires thought-provoking decision making.
    • Offers a wide range of levels, ensuring never-ending fun.
    • Features engaging scenarios filled with humor and suspense.
    • Free brain teaser game that exercises your judgment abilities.


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    • One user stated, 'This game is a hilarious stress-buster! It's amazing how each decision transforms the game.'
    • Another player mentioned, 'The game blends humor and suspense very well! I had a blast playing it.'
    • A recent review highlighted, 'A great game to tease your brain while having a fun time. Highly recommended!'
    • One user shared, 'I love how unpredictable this game is. It has become my go-to game for passing time.'


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